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The Amazing Race starts with chilling words for any contestant. Spoken by Phil Keoghan (host of the program) "The World Is Waiting For You, GO", and they're off. One team in particular Kim and Leslie, the single teachers who at the time lived in Baytown, TX, but have recently relocated to Florida. They raced to Africa and then to Paris, but were eliminated during the second episode at the Arche De Triomphe. Leslie is now married, and living with her husband Chris. Congratulations.

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The Teachers
The Amazing Race starts with the chilling words for any contestant "the world is waiting for you, Good Luck, GO!!!" and they're off. One team in particulary Kim and Leslie, more commonly referred to as "THE TEACHERS". I have had the honor of talking with both of them, and I will tell you that these two ladies are the sweetest and most kind people that you will ever meet.
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Picture Taken At Photo Shoot Before The Race

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