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Below is an official, unedited, interview conducted with Working Mom Brenda Mehta from the first season of the amazing race. This woman is as the show states "AMAZING", and so is how she values her life, and family.

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Webmaster- Question 1: If the game was like Survivor based on first impressions what would be the first team you would vote off?

Brenda- "i would have voted off frank and margarita because i do not like frank"

Webmaster- Do you think if you had to look for a dog, you would've succeeded quicker than having to find a cat? Did cats ever bring you bad luck before? ...........yeah, it will be posted, but I will take all of the really truthful ones out.

Brenda: "actually cats usually bring us good luck because pats mother had a very special connection to them. we felt her spirit with us"

Webmaster: Was there anything else besides finding the cat that made you become further behind

Brenda: "yes: we would not have gotten eliminated if we had done better at the train station.. we could have gotten on a 1:15 train but because we didn't understand we got tickets for a 3 o’clock. once we realized we should have just gotten on the train anyway and dealt with not having a tick later. but we were so disgusted and tired at that point we didn't think of it.

Webmaster: For Questions 4-7 what would be the team that is best described by the following words

Webmaster: Sweet and Sincere

Brenda : dave and margeretta and anna and matt

Webmaster: Worst Portrayed on Television

Brenda: matt and anna

Webmaster: Clueless

Brenda: pat and brenda

Webmaster: Slowest Mentally and Physically

Brenda: based on first impressions it would have to be: nancy and emily

Webmaster: Where would you have most liked to go?

Brenda- Thailand

Webmater: Who would you most like to be trapped on a desert island with?

Brenda- Phil

Webmaster: What did you think of Rosie?

Brenda: I didn't get to meet her. What you saw was what I saw.. I could tell she was still real down from sept. 11

Webmaster: Do you think that you would've went further in a game like Survivor, where other people eliminate YOU?

Brenda- I think that I would of.... but i'm not sure about pat.. that’s hard to say, being a team

Webmaster: Have you ever been recognized on the street?

Brenda- yes by a few people.. um, now and then

Webmaster: How long did you search for Bundu?

Brenda: About 5 hours of riding in the darkness of africa on dark safari roads

Webmaster: heeehee, What was the scariest thing you saw on the race?

Brenda- Frank doing push ups in the airplane aisle on the way to south africa

Webmaster: Do you like frank now?

Brenda: Do you like him now? he's ok, i like everyone... i didn't really get to know him but my first impression was he was very vain and i didn't like the way he treated margarita

Webmaster : If you had to pick 5 teams to take home 1 million which five would you have chosen, besides the obvious YOURSELF?

Brenda: matt and ana, karen and lenny, kevin and drew, kim and leslie, dave and margetta

Webmaster: If you were the producers which 1 team would you have not wanted on your show?

Brenda: I think paul and amie gave the producers the hardest time

Webmaster : Kim and Leslie's site remember so I have to ask a few questions about them: Did you see them as tough competition?

Brenda: yes because they were younger and they had traveled together more.. they were the only other female team besides nancy and emily

Webmaster- What was the most mean thing someone said to you?

Brenda- I don't remember anyone saying anything mean. You see, we weren't
to speak to each other until the Race started. Everyone started out
really friendly. And Pat and I stayed pretty much to ourselves.
was really nice to us when we were at the pit stops in Zambia and
Paris, and
very supportive and sympathetic when we were eliminated in Le Beaux.

Webmaster- How did you react to the pranks that Kim and Leslie pulled at the

Brenda- As I told them later, they did us a real favor by putting a note that
"you don't have what it takes" under our door. It was just the thing I
needed to get my competetive juices flowing, because typically, I am
not a
competitive person.

Webmaster- If you could describe fellow racers KIm Smith and Leslie Kellner in one
what would it be?

Brenda- Crazy.

Webmaster- And in one word how would you describe yourself and pat?

Brenda- Wacky

What is the most important thing in your life?

Brenda-Health, love and money,
that order.

Webmaster- Did any aspects for family or life affect you since the race?

Brenda- dBefore I participated in the race I had a certain restlessness about
Since returning, however, I am much more content to keep my life
While we were sequestered we were able to travel and we went to this
island off the coast of Spain called "Formentera". I was so taken by
simplicity and slow pace of the people who lived there and wanted to
some of that home with me.

I am so content now to spend time at home with my family and do the
things and center myself in our daily activities. I've slowed down.
I won't tell you that my sense of adventure is a thing of the past,
just that I'll take it a little slower next time...maybe Survivor is
next show for me :).

Webmaster- What was your reaction while you were waiting at the finish line?

Brenda- We were very glad that the race was over and that we could go home. So
sooner ANYONE got there the better. I was sorry that Frank and
weren't the winners - because I wanted a woman to win, even if she was
paired with a guy. But I liked Rob and Brennan too, and to be honest,
wasn't any team that I didn't want to win, if Pat and I didn't.

This Kim and Leslie fansite would like to thank brenda mehta for talking the time to respond to our questions.