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Kim and Leslie on The Amazing Race
Kim and Leslie were the single, teachers, from Baytown, Texas, who competed for the one million dollar prize in The Amazing Race, on CBS in fall of 2001. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, they were one of eleven teams, The Grandparents, Dating Couple, Seperated Parents, Best Friends, Working Moms, Married Couple, Engaged Couple, Frat Brothers, Lawyers, and the Mother and Daughter Team. They weren't in the competition for very long, but made many moments unforgettable.

  Episode One In this fast paced episode, the eleven teams began the adventure in New York City and raced to South Africa, where they were faced with an unforgettable task. Leslie shined on the swinging bungee drop and though teammate Kim had a little trouble convincing herself she was ready for the task she proved to the world just how "Amazing" she really is. After teams completed this feat, they were able to move to the next pit stop, Songwe Village. Kim and Leslie checked in Sixth, following Pat and Brenda.

  Episode Two EPISODE 2: After having difficulty finding the route marker flag at the base of the Eiffel Tower, then running into a dumb cab driver who hasseled with Leslie over the correct fare he owed the girls. At the Arc de Triomphe, Kim Smith and Leslie Kellner arrived last at the Pit Stop, making them the second Team to be eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
  Final Episode In the final episode.... All nine eliminated teams waited at the finish line to watch the winner step on to the mat. Kim and Leslie were there to witness Rob and Brennan take the gold and the million and Frank and Margarita take second place.

Kim and Leslie greet the Winners.